The 10 Most Popular Last Names in Brazil

The 10 Most Popular Last Names in Brazil

Have you ever wondered why some last names are super common in Brazil? Today, we're going to explore the stories and history behind the 10 most popular last names in this vibrant country.

The Top 10 Brazilian Last Names

Silva - Coming from the Latin word for 'forest,' Silva is a nod to Brazil's lush landscapes.
Santos - Meaning 'saints,' this name reflects the country's strong Catholic faith.
Oliveira - Named after olive trees, showing the influence of Portuguese agriculture.
Souza - From the Germanic word 'Suso,' meaning 'up' or 'above.'
Lima - Possibly referring to those from Lima, Portugal, not the capital of Peru!
Pereira - Meaning 'pear tree,' highlighting the beauty of nature.
Ferreira - Derived from 'ferro' or 'iron,' likely linked to ironworkers.
Rodrigues - Meaning 'son of Rodrigo,' showing Spanish influence.
Almeida - Indicating a geographical origin, possibly from Almeida in Portugal.
Costa - Meaning 'coast,' a fitting name for many in this coastal country.

Why These Names?
These names not only trace back to the occupations, geographical roots, and religious beliefs of the Brazilian people but also illustrate the melting pot of cultures, from the Indigenous to the influx of Portuguese, Spanish, and later, Germanic settlers.

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